Choose one of the magazine advertisements available and analyze it as a “visual text.”

Analysis of the “visual text”Your task is to choose one of the magazine advertisements available on Blackboard and to analyze it as a “visual text.” You must answer the questions “What does this ad mean?” and “How does it work?” You should make sure to identify the significant visual elements of the ad and discuss the ways these elements work together to evoke an image for a product, and to explain how this image works to sell a product to a specific audience. Your discussion will entail showing how the ad promotes a particular sense of identity or set of cultural or aesthetic values, in addition to the product that it sells. You should include a copy of the ad with you essay when you turn it in. You will want to consider some (but not necessarily all—it’s better to explore one concept in depth than just skim multiple ideas) of the following questions:  • An icon is a well-known image that represents a broader idea. For example, an eagle may be considered an icon of courage, independence, or foresightedness. What are the iconic images in the ad? How do these icons appeal to the ad’s audience? Does the ad make use of clichés or stereotypes, and why? • How do formal visual elements and text work in the ad? How does the ad use such design elements as color, line, framing, light and shadow, balance and symmetry, distance and perspective, repetition and rhythm, and empty space? • How does the identity or value being promoted by the ad relate to its intended audience? Is the value or identity exotic or familiar to the intended audience? How is this significant?  The learning objectives for this assignment are as follows:• Students will make convincing and logical arguments by drawing conclusions about a visual text from clear, specific, and concrete evidence. • Students will use clear and concise English prose, unambiguous and formal syntax and diction, and logically organized paragraphs. The paper will be evaluated according to the following criteria: 1) originality, thoroughness, nuance, and depth of textual analysis, 2) substantial and thoughtful support in the form of both reasoning and evidence, 3) organization, as manifested in the logic of how the argument is ordered, and, 4) clarity and lucidity of prose, diction, and style. The minimum length for this essay is 1200 words, and the maximum length is 1500 words. No paper of less than 1200 words will receive a passing grade. I will not accept essays whose pages are not secured with either a staple of a paper clip