Chipotle’s 2013 Annual Report .

Describe Chipotle’s business philosophy and how CSR is embedded in it. What does “Food with Integrity” mean to Chipotle?

If you had to articulate the “business case” for CSR at Chipotle, what would it be? In other words, how is “Food with Integrity” good for the business and shareholders?

What are some of the risk factors and challenges to Chipotle’s execution of the “Food with Integrity” concept? One of the risks Chipotle identified was that “we may not persuade customers of the benefits of paying our prices for higher quality food.” Explain what this means in the greater context of CSR.

How does Chipotle claim to treat its employees and customers? How is this related to its philosophy towards food?

How does Chipotle communicate its values and activities?  How would you describe Chipotle’s communications strategy?

How does Chipotle measure its success? How would Chipotle score using triple bottom line accounting: planet, people, profit?

In your opinion, is Chipotle a socially responsible company? If so, how much of it is genuine and how much of it is marketing? What social issues are being addressed through Chipotle’s business model?

In what areas is Chipotle deficient in social responsibility? How might Chipotle expand or improve its CSR activities?