CEO Salaries

CEO Salaries

Project instructions:
NOTE: this is for a high school international student. So, the language should be simple.

Talk about CEO Salaries relates to Management or 21st century workplace. This is based on a newspaper or magazine article from a reputable source, and should not be older than 1 year (Yes, you need find ONE article meeting the requirement)

Create a handout

1. Brief Summary: briefly summarize the article

2. key points: highlight keypoints of the article (Use point form)

3.discussion questions: prepare a minimum of 4 discussion questions to stimulate an exciting class discussion about you topic (pose questions that really get people thinking)

4.Source: cite your article using APA

5. Supplementary source: find and cite a supplementary reading that relates to your article and adds to your understanding of the topic. it can be shorter or simpler, as long as it provides some background or related information. You could include more than 1 source

Show how the issue relates to management and course concepts (in the article)
Please include the course concepts in the Grade 12 Business Leadership Chapter 1 to 3, (the chapter 1 2 3 materials have been uploaded. You have to use them.)