Celebrating Diversity

Celebrating Diversity

Part A: Writing a NewspaperArticle:

Choose a form of discrimination from the list below;


Sex, Age, Infectious Diseases, Religious or Disability

Create a fictitious case where discrimination has occurred within a company or
organisation and the case is being heard in court.

Imagine you are a reporterforthe local newspaper reporting on the case. You will be
required to write a one page newspaper article covering the following information;

An outline ofthe complaint;

Who was involved?

Where did it occur?

‘When did it occur?

‘What form of discrimination occurred? ( Referto the Anti-Discrimination Board fact sheets)
What initiatives, policies and/or practices were the company or organisation ordered to implement by the court to prevent future
discrimination cases?

Include a fictitious picture ofthe parties involved.

Rememberto ensure that the story is presented as a newspaper

article, in the appropriate style. This may be published using MS Word. The story must be credible, enough to progress to a legal battle
overthe alleged discrimination involved.

Marking Criteria:

Presentation offacts displays depth of research and insight into a form of