causal argument

Paper instructions:
There are many different meaning of what a criminal is. There are many different types of criminals: stealing, vandalism, murder etc. But what is the meaning behind the crimes? Do people commit crimes because they learn to live that way, or do they commit crime because they need to (i.e., born that way)

Answer this question: What leads a person to become a criminal?

Treat this as a causal argument – “x causes y”.

For the sake of argument, lets assume habitual criminal, not a singular event such as revenge while grieving.

consider the following:
Causal mechanisms
using inductive reasoning
possible speculations about possible causes
arguments for an unexpected or surprising cause
predictions of consequences

The following arguments have often been linked to studies of criminal behavior, examples are:

-Desensitization to violence because of gruesome video games, movies, songs, etc.
-Mental health problems and mental or physical disorders
-Childhood experiences, such as abuse or trauma
-Family background
-Economic status
-School experience