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Paper #1: Catfish Ethics Analysis
This is a trailer for the movie
Conduct an ethics analysis of the film Catfish. Obviously, Angela breached the ‘ethics of Facebook’ by setting up several fake accounts, misrepresenting herself and her daughter Abby, etc. For this assignment, however, focus on the filmmakers.

Obviously, Nev, his brother and their friend realized something was “amiss” about Megan (and consequently Abby and Angela) while they were still in Denver.

Questions to Consider in your Analysis:

Do you think they acted ethically in the latter part of the film when they decided to travel to Michigan and “see the story through?” Why or why not? Take a position.

In your response, identify a particular philosopher/philosophy that best relates with your position. Support your response with particular scene(s) from the film. Cite at least one passage/quote from the Plaisance text to support your response.

What is the significance of the film’s title, Catfish? Who is the “catfish” in the movie? Support your response with evidence from the film.

(Note: the SPJ principles aren’t at work here since the filmmakers are not journalists.)

Requirements: Approximately 2-pages double-spaced.
The TEXT: Plaisance. (2009). Media Ethics: Key Principles for
Responsible Practice. LA: Sage Publications


Grading Considerations:

· Did you demonstrate an understanding of ethics?
· Did you support your position with a particular philosopher/philosophy?
· Did you use a scene from the film as a particular example?
· Is your paper written in correct grammatical form?
· Are your ideas conveyed through your writing?
· Did you cite at least one passage from the book?
· Did your paper meet the length requirement?