Case Study: Business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Case Study: Business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
“Living and working in the Arab World [is] completely different from anything else you have so far experienced. The place [is] full of wonder and new things to encounter; exciting times – that’s the upside. However, most Western managers find working practices very frustrating and the lifestyle limiting; challenging times – that’s the downside” (Swallow, 2010, para.1).
Swallow, D. (PhD). Advice for expats moving to the Arab World. Retrieved September 14, 2010, from

A Fortune 500 company has contacted you to mentor one of its employees, Donna, who is working on a short-term assignment in Dubai, UAE. She has been in the Arab country for two-weeks and is experiencing much frustration in working with her male counterparts who are native to the Saudi Arabia area. Donna is finding that the strict moral codes are getting in the way of her business assignment where meetings outside of the office with men are frowned upon unless the woman is married to or a blood relative of the man. She is experiencing a great hierarchy of authority (road blocks) within the regional office and deadlines have no meaning in this culture.
Research is required regarding the cultural differences that might impact this business situation. In a five to six written page paper, please address the following challenges:
Determine the Business Agendas that are occurring in this situation case. If you find there might be others that are not on the list, please include these. You can find these in Chapter Twelve on page 178 of Garvey, R., Stokes, P., & Megginson, D. (2009). Coaching and mentoring: Theory and practice. London, England: SAGE Publications Ltd.
Determine the Challenges of the Mindsets relative to Donna and her international colleagues.

Examine how you will mentor your mentee through this diversity issue.
Choose the mentoring approach that you will utilize and describe the proposed model.