Case of Mary

For this Assignment, you will be completing an assessment of a TBI Case Study. Click here; to review the Case of Mary. If you would like a PDF of the case ( see attached).
Address the following issues in your assessment of Mary (for a PDF of the Assignment information (see attached)
• Using the current version of the DSM (use the following website if you do not have a copy of the current DSM:, what is your diagnosis? (Hint: You may need to use an Axis III medical diagnosis as your principal diagnosis.) Describe how to determine the level of TBI (mild, moderate or severe) and give reasons for your decision. Describe the use of the Glascow Coma Scale to measure Mary’s initial level of unconsciousness as well as her later level of consciousness when she “woke up” 3 hours later in the ICU.
• Discuss the use of a pre-morbid measure of functioning such as the NAART or Weschler WTAR to help determine Mary’s pre-morbid level of intellectual functioning along with use of existing school records, No-Child Left Behind Testing records (It is assumed that no full-scale IQ tests have previously been given to Mary).
• Describe the assessment of Mary’s post-injury intellectual ability using the WAIS-IV Assessment and what deficits you might observe when comparing her pre-injury and post-injury performance.
• Describe the use of assessments of cognitive speed (Trails A & B, Digit Symbol and the PASAT [the most sensitive test]) to help determine why Mary cannot keep up in class.
• Give recommendations for accommodations and/or rehabilitation.
• Note: It is understood that there may be executive deficits; however, for the purposes of this research paper, you may ignore these possible deficits.
• Develop a prognosis.
Your Assignment should:
• Use 3-5 pieces of empirical literature in support of your observations and discussion. Each citation must be presented in appropriate APA format. All work should be in your own words with quotes used very sparingly.