Case: Johnson& Johnson

Discussion question :
1. How would you characterize the organizational structure of J&J? Is decision making centralized?
2. Discuss whether they need to change their organizational structure in order to overcome their problems.

Teacher’s Requirement:
Case Write-up and Discussion:
We will discuss several cases related to different chapters/concepts in class through out the term. You will be assigned to one of these casesand write a 1100-word report (essay type-no bullet points) and answer the questions posted on the course outline (1-inch margins, times new roman, 12-font size). You need to upload the essays on blackboard as an attachment (do not copy-paste). Please be analytical and to the point when answering the questions. Do not repeat the questions. Use the theories, tools and information when making arguments rather than common sense. I would like to see the reflectionof what you have learned in your write-up. You will be graded based on your use of course related knowledge and adherence to the format.

You will also bring a current article (published within last 6 months) about the company (or a close competitor) and present it in class. Make sure you link the article to the case and make some preliminary research on the financial position of the company before coming to class.Each case is due on the day we discuss that case right before class.No late submissions will be accepted.If you want to change your assigned case you can do so by week 6.Receiving a high grade will depend on participation in class discussions.