In this module, we’ve been looking at the basics of compensation, beginning with salaries. A good place to start your expertise as a salary determinator is for you to

calculate what you are worth. Start by reading the article from by visiting
This web-site is linked to an entire set of resources including:
Salary Surveys:
Salary Information and Resources:
Following a reading of the articles and after conducting your own web-based search and reading the background materials, respond to the following questions:
1. Calculate what you are worth according to the salary indicators. Are there differences in comparisons of where you live and other cities: in your state? in your

region? in the U.S.?
2. Do you think you achieve equity with what you are paid? On what basis do you make your assessment (i.e., what factors do you consider in calculating what you are

worth compared to others? Who are these others?)?
3. How do you deal with perceptions of pay inequity, and how do the ways that you deal with this compare to the ways that employees in China do?
For this case assignment, you will:(1) apply effective communication skills in a business environment, (2) utilize data driven analysis in making business decisions,

(3) assess the ethical implications of business decisions and actions, and (4) use technology to gather and analyze information.
Assignment Expectations
1. Cite at least three sources (for citations of work found in this course, you can refer to the syllabus as I have provided a reference list
2. This 3 page paper is due at the end of this module.