Business Writing – v2;

Customer Experience Assignment.

Conduct a ‘customer experience’ evaluation of a business or organization.
‘Customer experience’ is a term that’s come to mean the total experience that customers have with a
business or organization. For instance, the customer experience of a restaurant would include more
than just the quality of the food and the service. Every interaction with the restaurant constitutes
customer experience, including visiting its web site, making a reservation, parking your car, waiting in
the bar until your table is ready, having your meal, paying the bill, and whether someone opened the
door when you left and what they said to you as you departed. Some companies, like Apple, have really
thought through the whole customer experience of their products and services, while others are barely
aware of it. You may want to conduct your evaluation on a business you were planning on visiting
anyway, so you won’t have to spend any more money than you were already going to.
For more information on customer experience management, see the following online article on the
Harvard Business Review and read what Wikipedia has to say:

You can evaluate any kind of business or service, including:
Grocery store
Shopping mall
Coffee shop
Bar or club
Retail store
Gas station
Mountain resort
Tourist attraction
Dentist or doctor’s office
Government office
This is first-hand (primary) research so don’t rely on what others have said or written about the
business. Interact with the business yourself in as many ways as you can, possibly returning several
times to evaluate how the experience varies from visit to visit. Or go at different times of the day. Visit
its web site if it has one. And don’t forget to check out the washrooms.
Write a report assuming that the business has hired you to conduct a customer experience evaluation of
its business and that the management team will be reviewing your report. Outline how you conducted
your research, what aspects of the business you interacted with, and your impressions as a customer.
Discuss what the business did well and what it didn’t do well. Use only your own personal observations
being careful not to make broad unsupported generalizations—after all, this was just your experience.
Then finish up by suggesting changes the business might want to consider to improve the overall
customer experience.
Your report should be approximately 12,000 words (+/- 10%) and formatted as a simple business report.
Include a title page, some photos or other graphics, such as a screen shot of its web site, where
appropriate. You don’t need a table of contents, executive summary, or list of references.