Business proposal

Organization and Management

The business will be managed by a manager who will oversee the general operations of the business. Support employees will be tutors, security and sales persons.

Operation and Production Plan

Considering that the business looks to offer products and services to its clients. The activities will be allocated to the staff with regard to the specification of the client. The total cost is Ksh.100,000.

Justification of Opportunity

The business acquires enough profits hence the price setting will be done by the business. The entrepreneur looks to acquire the needs of the locals as well as above.

Goal of Business

The objective of the business is divided into two: short term and long term.

Short Term:

This is to be acquired in two years: to offer employment, grow the business and acquire client needs through affordable high quality production as well as legal documents acquisition.

Long Term:

These are set to be acquired in five years: loan repayment, and growth of business.

Entry Strategy

In the first week, the clients are to be offered 15% discount on the services this will be in addition to advertise the business.

Growth Strategy

For the future of the business, the business proprietor will aim to reach clients far and wide in Kajiado County. This will be met through increasing the branches in the region.


This section looks to formulate a strategy so as to meet the needs of the varied clients.

Potential Customers

Located in Ngong Town the business will look to meet the needs of:

  1. Institutional Customers: these are more so the schools, NGOs and local government.
  2. Local Domestic Customers: these are the local residents


The business’ competition comes from Kingkong and Wisha Enterprise that have strong pasts.

Advertisement and Sales Promotion

The business looks to create awareness far and wide on the services and products offered.

Pricing Strategy

The price technique relies on the prevailing market trends. This will include other factors such as expenditure and competition so as to be stable in the market.

Sales Tactics

The business proposed direct sales; sale of product between the owner and the clients so as to create close relation. Banners and posters will be used to reach far places.

Distribution Strategy

Modern Technologies will serve its clients at its premises. The services will be issued by ordering and delivery is through motorcycle costing Kshs. 150.

Organization and Management Plan

Business Management

The employees will undertake varied duties in supervision of the manager for efficiency.

Manager: he is the owner and overall decision maker.

Employees: the business will have five employees: manager, tutor, security and sales person.


This will involve advertisement of the positions to be filled followed by interviewing of the chosen applicants. Successful ones are allocated duties.


This will done for the staff chosen and will go on after every year.

Staff Promotion

Staff promotion will be based on results of the staff as well as other aspects like on a departmental basis.


Wages will be based on the duties undertaken, bonuses will be offered on varied characteristics.


The license will be acquired from legal authority: County council of Olkejuado costing Kshs. 4400 renewable yearly.

Production Facilities and Capacity

The business needs facilities to help production services. This will impact the quality of service.

Production Strategy

The products are designed to attract clients: the papers used. In delivery, the products are well packaged attractively for quality to be maintained.

Production Process

The services offered include: Photocopying, Typesetting, scanning and designing as well as computer courses among others.


Pre-operational Cost

These are cost incurred prior to business starts: permits, promotions, installations and construction processes among others.

PARTICULAR Amount(Kshs) Feasibility Study 7, 000 Permits 2, 000 Initial advertisements 3, 000 Installation of electricity and water 42, 000 Staff recruitment 35,500 Installation of telephone services 3, 000 Miscellaneous 6, 000 TOTAL 98,500

Working Capital Estimates

For the working capital to be acquired there has to be the current assets and liabilities have to be there. It is computed as; Working Capital = Current assets – Current Liabilities.