black belts and their use in preventing back injuries

You are the Safety Manager at a production manufacturing facility that has had a high number or recordable and reportable back injuries in the warehouse and production areas over the past year and half. The plant manager has assigned you the task of “doing something about it – YESTERDAY”.

Prepare a short paper (2-4 pages as described in the instructions) on the subject of black belts and their use in preventing back injuries. The paper will review information from at least one manufacturer and you are to review the information available from NIOSH as well. Discuss their use and describe the research on their effectiveness. Would you recommend the use of the belts and under what circumstances as part of your overall approach to the problem at your plant? Are there any requirements or instances where you would not permit the use of these devices? What other materials/programs/training would you use to supplement the use, or non-use, of Back Belts?


The Case Study assignment for this course is based on the material listed above for Back Belts, and should include the following components:

1.A brief introduction of the topic
2.Background information from at least one manufacturer of Back Belts
3.Background information from NIOSH
4.Analysis of the key points in the case study answering the key questions identified below
5.Summary of the case study’s conclusions and your own opinions