Biotech company

Please make 2-3 side powerpoint presentation based on the following essay.

Project description

The Future of the Company

The company is a Bioremediation Biotech Company that is on a path to take the fight against non-biodegradable products to the next level. Currently, the company has designed a new strand of bacteria that can degrade Styrofoam (Polystyrene). The bacteria incorporate methane gas while breaking down Styrofoam. Therefore, it rids the environment of methane, which is among the major gases that are significant for global warming via greenhouse effect (Khalil 34).

The companys name is yet to be determined. It is a relatively young company with a bright future. The company has a goal of setting up a plant for large-scale production of the bacteria that can degrade polystyrene. Of course, this goal will be achieved after the company has been registered. The second step will entail convincing investors to have faith in the company and its founders. The aim is to commence production on a small scale in order to get the attention of governments and environmental agencies. In future, the organisation expects to expand its services to major states in the United States of America. The aim of the organization is to rid the world of non-biodegradable compounds that comprise the quality of the environment.

Therefore, the company has plans to carry with research on additional ways to use chemistry and biological principles to fight pollution. The research will be carried in collaboration with learning institutions. The partnership with higher learning institutions will give the company opportunity to discover the best talents. The discovery of new talents is paramount to the continued innovation of new ways to fight pollution. It will revolutionize the world of science by groundbreaking innovations that will change human life on earth for the better.