Art and Color

For this assignment, review the content on the Colormatters website ( There are several links, so

make sure to click on all of them. Summarize at least five interesting things you learned on the site. Remember to use

your own words. Revisit the paraphrase/summary websites for guidance.

Color Symbolism
Color & Design
Color & Marketing
Color & the Body
Color & Vision
Color & Science

Then, view Andrea Mantegna’s The Dead Christ and examine the effect/intended effect the colors have on the viewer. How do

the colors express the emotion of the artist? How do the colors convey something about the people/objects in the work?

You will need to conduct research on the work – find at least two sources. As an example, look at van Gogh’s The Night

Café and read his description of it as his ugliest painting in a letter to his brother (located under Resources). Do not

use this painting as your selection.

Note: Van Gogh’s letter to his brother is a primary resource, something written contemporary with the period of study.

Your research can include primary or secondary sources. Secondary sources are sources that examine and interpret primary

sources. Using an artist’s original writing is very good evidence of intent, but that may be difficult to access if the

writing does not exist, is unavailable online or in print at your local library, or is not translated if in another

language. Secondary sources then become an alternate means of learning the artist’s intent. For more information on and

examples of primary and secondary sources, visit the primary source resource for this activity.