Running Head: APPLY PHD




My Dissertation Plan

A: Introduction of my dissertation

  1. Dissertation Topic:

To build a financial model for a successful financial institution


  1. Objective:

Many developed economies that have sophisticated markets and functioning banking system have had significant bank failure or banking crises during the last 30 years. Even the biggest or the largest financial institutes have suffered the critical financial crises and show that they are still struggling or recovering from those recessions (Bhole, 2004). As a result, there has been an analysis of the major failures of these financial institution and evaluation of the factors that resulted from the crises. This is seen as an important lesson for the future. The objective of this dissertation is to build a financial model for a successful financial institution which could play an important role in the future economic environment.


  1. Research Process:

The failure of the financial institution can be different in many ways including the type, banking system, regulation/supervisor or the different area. First, my research is going to analyze the cause and impact of the major financial institution in different places such as Europe, North America and the Asian countries (Bhole, 2004). Secondly, I will summarize and analyze in detail the key issue to successful banking system in the future economic environment. Last but not least is designing or building a model to fulfill a successful financial institution using Pyramid model.

The Pyramid is classified into four major categories these are: IT support, HR support, Regulation and Strategy support. How these factors maintain balance and what’s the key that leads to the successful financial institution would be my future findings that need further solving in my PHD program.




B: The motivation

Graduated from the best university in Taiwan (Asian), having a master’s degree in

Europe and working experience in the USA. These unique experiences strongly support my knowledge in the international finance. Furthermore, the banking system in Taiwan changed to the new banking strategy following these famous benchmark standards. Some of them successfully become mature and survived after the financial crisis but a number of them didn’t. As a result, finding out the solution for those banks in crisis or design a model for a successful financial institution could be an important issue in this ever-changing business world.


  1. Summary:

In summation, with my diverse background in different countries and vast experience in financial company, there will be no one but I who is ideal for this project, analyzing the financial crisis building a proper model for the success of the financial institution in the near future. To pursue a doctoral program and do the research at Pace University is my first choice because I believe I can combine my knowledge and research ideology into real business and design a proper model for the real world facing that is facing the future economic crisis.



Bhole, L. M. (2004). Financial Institutions and Markets: Structure, Growth and Innovations,4e. Noida: Tata McGraw-Hill Education.