Apple advertising campaign speech presentation: Speech Presentation Custom Essay

In the handset market, smartphones are the fastest growing devices that may dominate the market in future. Smart phones have multiple functions and are thus desirable for their added features and many applications. With many of the smartphones under different operating system, there is increased competition among manufacturers of the products. Apple products have a good reputation and the launch of a new iPhone will also enhance the company’s brand image and status as a leading innovator. In order, to increase Apple’s market share it is necessary to highlight on the advertising campaign plan that is appropriate for the target consumers. With an appropriate marketing strategy, the penetration rate of the iPhone in the global market will increase with the emerging markets especially in China good opportunities for this expansion. Most people living in urban areas require entertainment separate way from their busy schedules, and professionals and students are well represented in metropolitan areas. In addition, the target customers tend to be tech savvy and the stylish iPhones suits their needs.