Analyze and discuss the evolution of a website’s visual design

Evaluate the evolution of a website’s visual design (WWW.GOJANE.COM)

go to the Internet Archive?s Wayback Machine ( and
type in WWW.GOJANE.COM into the text box provided in the Wayback Machine.

Click Take Me Back to see what snapshots of this site, (WWW.GO.JANE.COM) the Internet Archive has available.

click on any of the blue dots to see what the site looked like on that date use the Wayback Machine to
examine three versions of the homepage of WWW.GOJANE.COM.


Explain what functions each of the options fulfills, considering comprehension, usability, and motivation as
well as genre identity in all those three different version that you review.

What visual design elements does WWW.GOJANE.COM use in three different version?

How do those elements help or hinder comprehension, usability, and motivation in all those three different

How have some of these elements changed over the time period you examined?

From an editorial perspective, has the visual design improved over time or not? Does it seem like the design
changes were arbitrary and/or guided purely by aesthetics, or does it seem like they were made to improve
readability and interactivity on the site? Explain why or why not