Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory

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Assessment Write Up – Students will choose one assessment tool. You must choose an instrument or measure that is ranked within the top 55 used by counselors for review.

Once you have chosen your instrument to be reviewed, access both the Tests in Print and Mental Measurement Yearbook electronic databases through the GSU library page. You may also use articles from Psych-Info or Psych-Articles if you like to supplement your information. If you find a more current version of the measure that has been reviewed (e.g., BDI-2 instead of the BDI; WAIS-IV instead of the WAIS), review the most recent version of the measure that has information available on it.

Do not use Wikipedia or other general public sources.

Write up a paper in strict APA format and style (e.g., title page, running head, abstract, reference page, appropriate heading levels, 12 point Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins, etc.), addressing the following questions in full:

1. Background: Provide a brief background of what the instrument is supposed to measure, who developed it, and when it was developed.

2. Development: Describe how the instrument was developed. What was the sampling strategy? How many people were in the norming group? Where were they sampled from? Was expert review, factor analysis, a pilot study, or any other method used in the initial development of the instrument? Explain what they did and what the results of these steps were.

3. Reliability: Provide as much information as you can about the different forms of known reliability for the instrument. What types of reliability have been obtained, what are the reliability values, and how reliable is this instrument?

4. Validity: Provide as much information as you can about the different forms of validity known for this instrument. What forms of validity have been obtained for it, how were these obtained, and what does this tell you about the instrument?

5. Summary: Now briefly summarize your main findings involving the background, development, reliability, and validity of this measure. Based on your findings, would you recommend its use? Why or why not?

Text length will depend of course on the amount of information you find for your chosen instrument, but the body of the paper should generally run about 4-6 pages of content in length. Include title page abstract page and reference page. Total pages for write up will be 7-9 pages.