Abortion: Ethic and Moral perspectives Custom Essay

) Over the decades, the question of abortion has been the cause of heated debates in various circles. Scholars, religious leaders and other interested parties have uncompromisingly engaged one another over the morality and ethics of procuring abortion. Surprisingly, current discourses on abortion mainly focus on the legal and political aspects of the issue, thereby ignoring fundamental moral and ethical questions that surround the practice. Conversely, discourses about the legality of abortion ought to be cognizant of the fact that moral values constitute the basis for good and ethical legislation and hence, morality is an integral part of legal choices surrounding abortion. Consequently, abortion is an ethical issue in that the moral obligations of the mother and the father to the fetus, personal autonomy, and issues surrounding the ethics of bearing an undesired child come into question (MacKinnon, 2011). Thus this paper seeks to explore the morality and ethics of abortion by examining its pros and cons, arguments around it, and its effects on the family and the society at large. By and large, abortion can be understood as the deliberate removal or expulsion of an unborn child or human fetus from its mother’s womb in a manner that subsequently leads to the demise of the removed fetus