2000 word scenario based essay in which the student will analyse and discuss implications for integrated working. The essay will be based on the given scenario for this course

The student will be required to:
1. Select one of the children in the given scenario for the course partnership and collaboration.
2. Consider the contributions of different professionals/individuals who might be involved with
the family in relation to the Every Child Matters Outcomes and integrated working
3. Analyse how individuals and professionals from the children’s services could work with the
family to provide an integrated service for the child you have chosen.
4. Analyse factors that may enhance or inhibit integrated working

Scenario for SOCW 1176 – for use during course and in assignment
Family for Integrated working.

Mum- Jane aged 36 White British
Dad- Steve aged 35- dual heritage- African-Caribbean/White British
Crystal aged 15
Craig aged 10
Amanda aged 6
Stanley aged 3 years
George aged 37-Crystals’s birth father White British
Jane and Steve live in a 3 bedroom terraced house in South London. Jane is a full time mum and Steve
works for the local council in an administrative role.
They have four children, two girls Crystal and Amanda, and two boys Craig and Stanley.
Crystal is 15 years old, and is Jane’s daughter from a previous relationship; she has known Steve since
she was 1 year old. Until six months ago she had had no contact with her birth father. However six
months ago her birth father made contact and since then Crystal has met with him several times. Crystal
attends mainstream school and is doing fairly well with her studies. The school have recently been in
touch about Crystal’s attendance and have informed Jane and Steve that when she is in school Crystal
appears more withdrawn.
Craig has learning difficulties. He has had an assessment by the disability team, and his parents are
awaiting the results. He attends mainstream school and is in year 5. He has been identified by his
primary school as having special educational needs and the school’s Special Education Needs
Coordinator (SENCO); who has devised an action plan (Individual Education Plan) with interventions
for Craig. Craig’s parents are starting to think about a secondary school that would suit Craig and give
him appropriate support.
Amanda is 6 years old and in year 1 at the same primary school as his brother. Amanda has asthma and
takes medication every day. She has had several hospital admissions due to the asthma and sometimes
she has an asthma attack at school. School have medicine in a secure place should she have an asthma
attack at school. Amanda’s parents want her to be involved in all the activities in school. Dad Steve
smokes and has tried several times to give up as he knows this has an effect on Amanda’s asthma
Stanley is 3 years old and has met all of his developmental milestones although his speech is delayed.
He is at home all day with mum. He does not attend nursery. Jane and Steve are concerned because
Stanley has starting waking during the night and it is difficult to get him back to sleep. His parents are
feeling very tired as this is affecting their sleep.
The following professionals are already involved with the family
Health visitor Speech and language therapist
GP School nurse
Asthma nurse Class/form teachers
SENCO Connexions
Student support services Paediatrician

Please note: you only need to choose one of the children in the scenario and base the assignment on it.I would also appreciate if the writer is very familiar with how the children social services works in the United Kingdom because this is where i am studying and will use “QUEENS ENGLISH “while writing this essay.