15 minutes with a current world leader

Who I would meet and reasons:

I would meet with the President of Kenya, honorable Mwai Kibaki. My reasons being: first of all, being that he is the head of my country, I have more insight into his leadership skills as compared to other leaders. Secondly, being a Kenyan citizen, I am fully aware of the situation on the ground; hence I will be at a better opportunity to address issues I am familiar with.


Advice I would give and why:

I would address three major sectors in the country that are in dire need of revolution, these are: Energy sector, Health sector, Education Sector.

Energy sector

Kenya as a country relies majorly on hydroelectric power for its electricity supply. In my opinion, at the 21st century and with all the progress that has been made in technology development, this shouldn’t be the case. If the government would incorporate other sources of energy such as solar, in areas such as Mombasa and Garrissa that have very high temperatures, and use of windmills in wind prone places such as Limuru and Ngong’, then the frequent blackouts and rationings would definitely be a thing of the past. All this at the end of day will result in development of new industries and expansion of current industries as cost of production will reduce with emergence of alternative power sources.

Education System

The current Education system in Kenya is doing poorly in terms of bringing up self sufficient Kenyans. Looking at the graduates, very few can be able to establish businesses on their own and rely rather on employment. Also, the curriculum has more to do with excessive reading, and less to deal with building of self esteem and practical approaches to learning. It is very unfortunate as most students either cannot apply what is learnt or have little belief in their capabilities. Another issue worth addressing is the time put in school work. Hours spent in school have become excessively strenuous as we have most pupils in primary level learning seven days a week. We all know that for the brain to function well, people need to rest. Taking a more practical approach to learning and working on students self worth will go along way in preparing future leaders of the country.

Health Sector

The health sector is faced with a lot of neglect issues and majority of hospitals are understaffed. Treatments accorded to patients in public hospitals are very derogatory as people are forced to share beds and deal with rude staff. The government should look into the plight of public hospitals as it is headed for a disaster, and also due to the fact that majority of Kenyans rely on them for medical care. People can only perform their best if they are in perfect health.


Question 2

Book read for pleasure within the past year and why I wouldn’t recommend to friend

One of the books I have read for pleasure is “Kingdom of dreams” by Judith Mcnaught.

The reason I wouldn’t recommend it is simply because it is filled with romantic notions that do not really exist in real life. It’s bound to toy with your emotions and give you false hope on romance that doesn’t exist today. It has the ideal man, who is totally every woman’s dream, just like the men in soap operas and is bound to make one believe that’s how it should be in real life. The reality is such a far cry from the man in the book. Why? Lets be honest, it is rare to find someone who will pull a chair, open a door, surprise you with dinner, hold out your coat and all those other tiny details women like, for eternity. Also it ruins anyone’s chance of ever having a real relationship as no one is able to compete with the fictious guy from the novel. I don’t deny that the book is a good read in terms of creativity, but no one would really like to live with the idea of a man they will never find. It may prove to be rather depressing.