• Case Analysis HW Memo

•    Case Analysis HW Memo #4:
Thomas Green: Power, Politics, and a Career in Crisis

The case analysis homework is an exercise to apply the concepts you have learned.  Using the USC-CT framework, analyze the case in order to understand the most important issues in order to make a recommendation to improve the situation for Thomas Green.  The following questions should inform your THINKING and ANALYZING.  Follow the Case Analysis Memo rubric for the format of the HW memo which is the deliverable.

•    U: Uncover the main issues facing Green.  What are the work styles and personalities of Thomas Green and Frank Davis?  How do the actions of Thomas Green differ from the expectations of Frank Davis?  What is your analysis of Thomas Green’s actions and job performance in his first five months? What mistakes did he make?
•    S: Select the main problem or frame the most significant problem(s) that Thomas Green needs to address to save his job.
•    C: What actions would you take if you were Thomas Green to save your job?  What choices does Green have to solve this problem?  Identify several options Green has to improve his situation.
•    C: Choose which of the alternatives would you recommend to Green?  Why?
•    T:  What specific action steps would need to be taken?  What would be the specific outcomes for Green that are consistent with his overall goals?  What challenges do you see and how would you deal with them?

Please visit the following link for video Lecture before you start to write this case memo:


The following link is USC-CT, please take a look for it and understanding what it is: