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Write a 12,500 word essay on one of the following questions:

4. Is security the main driver behind European integration after World War II?

As part of your Europe and the World module assessment on the International Pre-master’s Programme, you are required to submit a piece of written coursework in Term 1. This coursework takes the form of a critical essay in response to a question. This critical essay will be marked, and you will receive feedback, but the grade awarded will not form part of your final grade on the Europe and the World module.
Briefly, a critical essay is a piece of academic writing which provides an answer to a question. You weigh up the question, in both positive and negative terms, before give your own position. You can write a critical essay that agrees – or disagrees – entirely with the question.
The critical essay will be marked anonymously by your Europe and the World tutor, using the English Language Centre Marking Criteria for Academic Assignments, which you can view on KEATS.
Link to Learning Outcomes
This assignment will help you meet the following Learning Outcomes of the Europe and the World module:
apply theories and methods from disciplines in political science (comparative politics and international relations) in your evaluation of the workings and processes of the EU
analyse the supranational dimension of the EU in relation to member states and regional blocs in international relations
research a topic, extract and synthesise information from a range of written and spoken sources, and formulate a response
analyse and critically assess information from a variety of texts and come to an informed conclusion with limited guidance
demonstrate appropriate linguistic skills in defined and predictable contexts.